Loacker wafer and chocolate specialities: Bringing a taste of South Tyrol to the world!

The Loacker wafer and chocolate specialties are manufactured in the heart of the Dolomites, in Auna di Sotto (South Tyrol, Italy) and in Heinfels (East Tyrol, Austria). Loacker was founded nearly 90 years ago by Alfons Loacker as little pastry shop in Bolzano. The company has become since then a global player and part of the international market. Even though the main market for Loacker continues to be Italy, where the company as domestic player holds a leadership position, the export quotes are continuously growing. In the aggregate it is more than 100 countries worldwide where Loacker products are sold. The most important characteristic of the Loacker products is their quality. For the company the main pillars of this quality- philosophy are the respect of nature and environment, the selection of the finest ingredients and the use of production and wrapping technologies at state of art. All this makes sure that millions of consumers throughout the world choose Loacker.
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