Drink well and live well. Water for your health

Uliveto is a naturally effervescent mineral water, from a spring in Tuscany. Thanks to its unique composition of precious minerals, unmistakable taste and natural micro-effervescence, it helps you to digest well and live healthily. Uliveto is among the top three groups in the Italian market of mineral water and feature among the top 30 food and beverage producers in Italy. The quality is guaranteed by 1,500 daily tests on source water and finished product to ensure the perfect quality of the water. Certified by the Italian Ministry of Health, our water is exceptionally pure and light, with health properties, ridding the body of toxins and impurities and also helping the digestive process. These combinations of health properties place our product in the premium category of the mineral water market. Our brands have been built by a distinctive positioning, partnership with medical associations, relevant investments in advertising and sponsorship of the key national events.
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