From a hundred years behind to a hundred years ahead the spirits continue to surprise

The Zanin Distillery was founded in 1895 by the present owner's grandfather. It is still a family firm and now, after more than a century, it is run by the fourth generation.

A careful selection of raw materials and the best distillation techniques are the unbroken link between the present and the past. This interrelationship produced the our family’s undying, intense passion for our work and for the quality of the fruits of our work.

Products could never continue to satisfy the changing tastes of an increasingly competent and demanding clientele were it not for our unwavering commitment and real love for their work. New rewards - not just in terms of sales - encourage us to continue their efforts. Every year, without fail, Zanin grappas win the Alambicco d’Oro, the Italian distillation sector’s most important award organised by the Asti Chamber of Commerce in partnership with ANAG, the National Association of Grappa Tasters.
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